Let Prantl’s cater your next meeting or special event. We’ve got a variety of assorted and specialty trays that add deliciousness to every gathering.
You can order online or call our Call Center at 724-837-3706

Get delicious Prantl’s baked goods for your next meeting or event. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or a break, Prantl’s has just the right assortment of their specialties to add a special touch.

Breakfast Tray

Perfect for breakfast or brunch. An assortment of Prantl’s delicious baked goods: Pastries, Donuts, Bagels, Quiche Cups, Ham & Cheese Croissants, and Apple Strudel.

Lunch Tray

Whether you are looking to boost the moral of your team or entertain in your home, this luncheon tray offers an array of Prantl’s offerings that will make you a star! This tray includes: Sandwiches, Quiche Cups, Pepperoni Rolls, Spinach Feta Rolls, Cookies, Brownies, and Cake Bars.


Keep the team engaged with a tray of baked goods from Prantl’s. The assortment features: Junior Pastries, Thumbprints, Cheese Cups, and Bagels.

Specialty Trays

Build your own breakfast, lunch, or break by mix and matching trays of 12 of our popular bakery items:

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