Prantl’s Bakery has been a tradition for decades. A Pittsburgh institution, the bakery is the home of the original Burnt Almond Torte, which was acclaimed by the Huffington Post as “the best cake in America”.  

In 1970, the torte was conceived by Henry Prantl after attending a national bakers conference, when 13 bakers demonstrated one good item from each of their bakeries. At the demonstration, Prantl took detailed notes when an Anaheim baker demonstrated the Burnt Almond Cake. When he got back to Pittsburgh, he altered the recipe. He changed the sponge cake to a sweet yellow cake and added custard between the layers. He topped the cake with Prantl’s famous buttercream and toasted almonds. (There was an almond surplus the same year and the Almond board was persuading bakers to use almonds in new and inspiring ways). Prantl kept the name of the cake and its square shape as it appears today. 

Henry and Jane Prantl retired and sold the business in 2007. Today Prantl’s Bakery is continually acclaimed as an iconic bakery by a variety of local and national publications. Offering over 100+ bakery items, the bakery is considered one of the top bakeries in the country. 

Currently, the bakery has five locations in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area: Greensburg, Shadyside (Pittsburgh), Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh), Northside (Pittsburgh) and North Huntingdon. 

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to continually provide our customers products that are superior in quality from which the market offers.

To educate consumers about the ingredients in our products and the origins of those ingredients.

We work towards achieving our customers perspective of, “Prantl’s Bakery creates and bakes superior products!”

Our Mission Statement

Our definition of quality exists in all variables of our business.

Quality in:

  • Consistent purchasing of raw materials
  • Consistent ingredients
  • Consistent product size
  • Consistent look of the product
  • Consistent product handling
  • Consistent product transportation
  • Consistent and proper storage
  • Consistent observing and monitoring of shelf life
  • Consistent and superior customer service

We insist that all of our personnel be totally committed to our mission and make it a driving force in their daily efforts to succeed.

I am a team player and a team leader. I do whatever it takes to stay together and achieve team goals. I am flexible in my work and able to change if what I am doing is not working. I seek help when it is needed, and I support my teammates who ask me for help.
I speak positively of my fellow team members and customers in private and public. I speak with good purpose using empowering and positive conversation. I never use or listen to sarcasm or gossip. I acknowledge what is being said as true for the speaker at that moment and I take responsibility for my response. I greet and say goodbye to people using their names. I always apologize for any upsets first and then seek a solution. I only ever discuss concerns in private with the person involved.